About Our Company

We at MW/MB produce fiberglass filaments at our plant located in Clarksville, Tennessee, about 45 minutes northwest of Nashville. Our facility began production in the Fall of 2005.

Although we are a new company, and new to the Clarksville area, many of our employees have worked in the fiberglass industry for decades. Adding to this, are a number of employees new to the industry who bring fresh perspectives, helping to break down old paradigms. With this knowledge, experience, and new perspectives, we are building a people focused company concentrated on safety, respect, and trust. We believe this focus creates and sustains a positive employee experience which translates into a competitive advantage.


Our Beginning

We are owned by IKO and TAMKO, two of the most respected and established producers of roofing products. They decided to partner together and construct one of the most state-of-the-art fiberglass production facilities in the world, right here in Clarksville, Tennessee. Their combined vision was to build a facility with a focus on safety and a positive work environment. The partnership was formed by a handshake and a promise, and our company name “My Word / My Bond”, originates from that handshake.

The Basic Concept

The basic approach to employee relations at MW/MB reflects the belief that each employee commands the full respect and trust of the company and fellow employees. Every employee is expected to respect the company and fellow employees in return.


It is presumed at the very outset that each person is concerned for family, security, community, and personal dignity, and is essentially more willing to understand and work for the objectives of a Company that in turn understands and respects the individual’s concerns.


The emphasis of this approach is upon teamwork and the concept that all members of the team share the responsibility for the effectiveness of the operation and for contributing to a mature and successful organization.


Our focal points include safety, quality, and value with people at the heart of everything we do.

1900 Corporate Parkway Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040


Our Facility